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Insanely Simple Group Video-Chat


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How it Works

All you need is a browser and a camera


Create a "room". A room is where you'll host your meeting by inviting others to it.


Share the meeting link with others via email/chat. Others join by merely "clicking" on that link.


Enjoy secure video conversations with groups of people. When done, simply close your browser!

We all know the problem

As users, our web-activity and data is sold to the highest bidder. Internet giants exist to sell our data, not keep it confidential. Our accounts with Internet video-conferencing giants are for sale.

Stop giving up your data. Switch to SecureMeeting and experience complete peace of mind.

No ads. No Trackers.
No kidding.

SecureMeeting is a collaborative effort to build the most comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use video conferencing solution for all of us.



No data storage

Always live, Zero leaks.


Nothing to download/install

No accounts or logins

Easy as a pie!

Always On

State of the art technology

Free forever, open sourced

Built with love

Let's reinvent conversations on the Internet


How are you different?
We are the only place on the Internet where you can have conversations without giving up your right to data-privacy. We're also free, forever. SecureMeeting is video conferencing on a mission. We cannot be bought, sold, acquired, or influenced. Period.

Is my video encrypted?
Short answer: Yes! We take security and user privacy very seriously. All your video, voice and chat data are encrypted. Content is live and in-transit all the time.

What browser works best for SecureMeeting?
We highly recommend Chrome. Or Firefox. If you are serious about blocking trackers, we also recommend Brave. We do not guarantee support for Safari or Edge at this time.

Why is this free?
Conversations in real life are free, and traceless. Our mission is to recreate this on the Internet. We do not throw ads, or collect/sell data. We are made possible by donations from people like you.

Why can I not record videos on this site?
We are a storage-less service, meaning no user data is ever stored on our servers. As a result, you cannot record your video session.

Can I email you guys?
We would love to hear from you! Email our team at

How can I help contribute to this?
Spread the word! Your voice is your most precious gift. We are a community driven initiative. If you would like to contribute code/design, get in touch. If you would like to make a small donation (tax-exempt), we will gladly accept. Email us:

Uniting Humanity on a browser. One meeting at a time.

As COVID-19 isolates the world, we pledge to unite humanity by providing kickass virtual meeting rooms. Get work done, have fun, and meet with anyone on the planet for as long as you want.

We are an open-source, non-profit movement whose singular aim is to provide you with the safest virtual meeting place. Join us as we bring people together during these strange times of isolation.

Loved by everyone.

Students, bankers, doctors, and programmers are getting work done and eliminating loneliness. These are their stories.
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"This platform is awesome! The most amazing part is that no installation of any sort is required. HD video quality, clear audio, and easy screen-sharing. Also consumes much less data than any other product. We've tried this on several browsers and it just works everytime."
- Maddy

"My experience with SecureMeeting has been wonderful. Not only is it very simple to use, but it also has complete functionality for all my needs. Not to mention, it's lack of bulky toolbars and login/accounts make it very aesthetically pleasing. Beautiful product!"
- Amanda

"This is so insanely simple to use! Love this initiative. You guys are amazing. Your dedication to open source is inspirational. Thank you SecureMeeting for caring! Video quality is crisp, and I love that I can use it on Linux. I use a lot of screensharing for coding and gaming. "
- Josh

"I really like SecureMeeting. I enjoy how prominent the video is, with no lagging, allows you to focus on person you are talking to without distractions, very simple and clean design overall. Great audio quality too! Removes headache of installing apps and setting things up. Great job! "
- Irene